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Nowadays, esthetic treatment procedures are effectively provided with the assistance of state-of-the-art technology, and these device-based procedures have significantly improved the quality of non-invasive treatments as well as the overall satisfaction of the patients.


Before starting any esthetic procedure, a thorough clinical history of the client is recorded, and then required physical examinations are performed. Then all this information is filled up in a history sheet for the safety purposes of the patients. Finally, detailed consultation on the treatment procedures and the best options for the patient is discussed to help the patient in deciding the best possible treatment for the skin condition. After having the written consent of the patient, the clinician starts working on the proposed treatment plan, does the mapping of the area to be treated, performs the final skin analysis, and executes the planned treatment procedure.


Patients’ expectations to the treatment providers are having a highly personalized treatment experience and glowing skin. In most cases, successful completion of the treatment ends with the best experience of treatment. By following the recommendations for a home-care regimen, you may maximize the outcome of the treatment. These post-treatment recommendations are extremely important; because, what you do regularly on a daily basis will make the biggest difference in maintaining healthy and glowing skin.


Quality of the work is a critical issue in the esthetic field. High professionalism is the center stone of the overall satisfaction of the patients. The outcome of the treatment can easily be maximized by motivating the patients for continuous up-gradation of their knowledge on their skin problems and care of their skin.

About Dermatology

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Our dermatologists are leaders in the field of cosmetic surgery and medical dermatology. All specialists complet fellowships in surgical dermatology. We perform a wide range of cosmetic procedures including liposuction, blepharoplasty, face lifts etc.

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